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What we do

We’re an enthusiastic group of people who believe there isn’t a set formula to learning. Every project is special. Our brand essence consists of five words: ethical, accessible, agile, freethinking and animated. We guide people, helping them learn new ways in business and to understand their organisation better.

We demonstrate how to think clearly, those people who understand better usually achieve more.

What we don’t do

Use words like contour trending concepts or evaluation barriers or any other kind of jargon.

How we do it

We’re versatile, intelligent and ethical: experienced in what makes an organisation a success.

What makes your organisation successful?

First we need to explore and agree a brief that will help to achieve your expectations. Then find the means and methods to move forward in search of greater success. And to help your people learn how to feel an ongoing ownership of the longer term process.

It’s called learning: the Art of Understanding.

Helping you and those with you to learn to do what needs to be done, to be truly successful.

What it does

Ever thought about creating renewal within your organisation, or simply refreshing it?

Ever wondered what it takes to induce your people to think different?

What about creating a space inside which you could think clearly, or from a different angle?

Well, we helped a medium-size manufacturer review its strategy and find the right people to deliver it. In the voluntary sector we’ve helped lots of managers build more professional workforces. And for a chief executive uncertain about making the right decision, we supplied confidence.

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Who we do it for

It’s important to stress that sector isn’t important, establishing the brief properly is. We work with ambitious organisations in any sector. And we have no formulas to learning because rarely are two projects identical. What is certain is the fact that 80% of workshops are from clients we’ve helped previously.

So to them, and all the people who’ve provided testimonials here:

thank you.

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Suite a, Salt Warehouse
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Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2AG
tel: +44 (0)1422 836606